Disease Profile

Cancer is loosely termed as a description of many pertinent diseases, all which conclude in the atypical growth of cells in the human body. These abnormal growths occur anywhere, including but not limited to the brain, lungs, breasts, prostate, bladder, blood, and even the epidermis (skin). Infected cells quickly divide and spread, resulting in solid masses otherwise known as tumors. There is no hidden area of the body that repellant from cancer, as there are over 100 different forms, taking the lives of approximately 600,000 people in the United States every year.

The Role Of Cannabis

Have you ever wondered exactly how our body processes physiological urges such as mood, memory, appetite, or pain? It all comes down to the neuromodulators, the receptors that help to regulate those psychological wants and physical needs. In the same fashion, there is also the body’s endocrine system and these respond to opiates- pain relieving medications like codeine, morphine, and hydrocodone. The endocannabinoid systems respond in the same way to the compounds found in cannabis, making it a universal, natural medicine for all.

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