Disease Profile

As bodies begin to heal from injury, there is often much pain involved. Initially of course, this pain occurs, but most can find the most uncomfortable moments to come after the event occurs Pain is not a primary injury or condition, but rather a frequent and intolerable symptom that can vary in frequency, time, and severity. For some patients, these pains can last for months or even years, and is often resistant to treatment of all sorts. Opiates are thought to help in the aid of chronic pain, but often lead to long-term use or even abuse of the drug.

The Role Of Cannabis

Cannabis is an excellent option for pain treatment due it is efficacy as an analgesic. Its psychoactive and non-psychoactive properties help in the treatment of chronic body pain and work tremendously to alleviate discomfort! Cannabis would help the patient by reducing the amount of pharmaceutical drugs needed to treat pain and would exacerbate the negative side effects of those drugs.

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